Sistem Informasi rumah sakit

Sistem Informasi rumah sakit

  • Sistem Informasi rumah sakit

Sistem Informasi rumah sakit atau klinik ini dibuat untuk tujuan memudahkan pihak rumah sakit dalam melakukan manajemen terhadap rumah sakit yang dijalankan


  1. Multiuser account system
  2. Access for 8 types of user account.
  3. Responsive user interface
  4. run over all kinds of devices seamlessly.
  5. Regular free updates
  6. Regular updates are available to download for free.
  7. Developer support ready
  8. Dedicated developer support is available any time.
  9. Codeigniter framework
  10. Built on latest version (2.2.0) of Codeigniter php framework.
  11. Multiple language support
  12. Supports 21 different languages.
  13. Easy customization
  14. Easily customizable with the help of understandable documentation.
  15. Monitoring of whole hospital
  16. The admin can monitor all activities of the hospital.
  17. All user accounts management
  18. The admin can create and manage all 7 user accounts.
  19. Notice board schedule
  20. Easily create notices and view them in event calendar.
  21. Profile system
  22. Edit profile settings as you wish.
  23. Appointment management
  24. The doctor can create and manage appointments with patients.
  25. Appointment schedule
  26. View all appointments at a glance in calendar view.
  27. Prescription and diagnosis reports
  28. The doctor assigns prescriptions and diagnosis reports to patients.
  29. Medical reports management
  30. Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports.
  31. Medication history
  32. View entire medication history of patients.
  33. Appointment application
  34. Patients can apply for appointments with a doctor.
  35. Bed allotment and blood bank management
  36. All beds/wards, blood bank and blood donor status can be managed efficiently.
  37. Medicine management
  38. Pharmacists can manage all medicines.
  39. Invoice management
  40. All invoices and payment information is managed by accountant.


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